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Custom Personalized Song

Image of Custom Personalized Song


A one of a kind custom song written, produced and recorded by Electric Valentine. You pick the subject, style and lyrical content
More details available at

If you can imagine it, we can make it…
Want a personalized love song for your girl or boyfriend?
We can make something unforgettable just for him or her. <3

Have you ever wanted your own theme song?
Now you'll grab everyone's attention when you walk into that party!

Bored with the old and tired Happy Birthday song?
We'll make a customized birthday song for your friend or family member!

Does your sports team need a personalized song to pump you up before games?
Those other teams don't stand a chance after you hype everyone up with your new call to war!

Does your band need an awesome intro song to walk out to before your next show?
Get the crowd going wild before you even step foot on stage!

Have an enemy?
Destroy their ego with a ruthless revenge jam!

Want to hear your favorite song covered in a specific way?
Yes, we can do Pumped Up Kicks as a Mariachi song or a dubstup remix of Reading Rainbow, whatever you want!